Chicken Housing

Supplying a range of housing to suit the needs of yourself and your chickens.

Below you will find our range of chicken housing. We highley recommend these to all of our customers and can support you in your decision as to which will be most suited to you and your chickens. If you would like to purchase please call us on 01919084326 or register your interest below and a member of our team will contact you.

CC047 Poultry Housing | Meadowsweet Poultry


Fantastic poultry house and run ideal for the person who just wants a couple of hens in their back garden, excellent value, our best seller.

  • Suitable for 2 - 4 hens
  • Easy-clean pull-out tray
  • Double nest box with two perches
  • External dimensions: 198cm x 75cm x 103cm

£175.00 +VAT

CC048 Poultry Housing | Meadowsweet Poultry


Large Poultry House and Run - Suitable for 4 to 6 hens, large pull out cleaning tray, double size nest box and perches.

  • External dimensions: 233cm x 90cm x 130cm

£239.00 +VAT

Berkeley Poultry Housing | Meadowsweet Poultry


A deluxe heavy duty house and run, with raised house for easy access. Very attractive design with solid apex roof. Pophole is operated from the outside so day to day hen keeping is very easy.

  • Suitable for 6 hens
  • Double nest box
  • Large rear door
  • Lift out perches
  • External dimensions: 210cm x 90cm x 155cm

£450.00 +VAT

Sandringham Poultry Housing | Meadowsweet Poultry


The Sandringham is our largest stock unit, it will accommodate 15 to 20 hens, it is perfect for free range situations, it has many features to make life easy such as, removable side panel for easy cleaning out, ventilated ridge, large opening door, removable nest perches and treble nest box.

  • External dimensions: 130cm x 130cm

£499.00 + VAT