Our Chickens

Supplying chickens in small or large numbers for both trade and retail

We, along with our agents, can supply a large variety of hybrid chickens. Please see below for the range of chickens we are able to offer at this time.

Black Star

Our beautiful Black Star is bred from a Rhode Island Cockerel and a Barred Plymouth Rock Female. Laying around 290 ­ 300 brown eggs per year, she really is a stunning bird, being very hardy and placid. Ideal for all free range conditions.


Our Bluebelle lays around 260 brown eggs a year. She is a very placid, pale grey bird. Named by our daughter at the Royal Show many years ago.

Gold Star

Our Gold Star continually proves how placid and hardy she is. She lays brown eggs, 330+ per year. Her only problem being, as mentioned in the Country Smallholding Magazine, that she is liable to break into a trot chasing you, if you attempt to escape her loving attentions, she is ideally suited for first time and young keepers.

Speckled Star

A barred feathered bird crossed with a barred Plymouth Rock and a Rhode Island Red. Lays 270+ lovely speckled brown eggs per year.

Sussex Star

A lovely old fashioned style bird, white with black markings around her neck and tail. Lays brown eggs. approximately 260 per year.

White Star

What a star this bird has proven herself to be. A beautiful white leghorn, laying 300 -320 white eggs per year. A petite little ballerina. Often ends up on your shoulders.

Amber Star

This bird is a real star, laying around the 320 eggs a year mark. A lovely white bird with red marking. very placid and quite a 'chunky chick'. Ideally suited for the garden or allotment, she makes a great pet with her friendly and inquisitive nature.

Daisy Belle

She is a lovely placid bird, laying approx 270 brown eggs per year. She is reverse cross of Sussex star.

Cheshire Blue

She lays a beautiful blue egg well into her second year. A good sized egg. Lovely white bird, with tuft on head very placid.